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Build & monetise
your developer reputation

Enhance your skillset & earn rewards by solving GitHub Issues

Enhance your skillset & earn rewards by solving GitHub Issues

Contribute to open source

Build yours skills & monetise by contributing to open source

Quine puts the freshest good-first-issues & best bounties on GitHub at your fingertips

1. Contribute

Contribute to OSS projects to build up your experience and standing in open source.

Contribute to open-source projects
monetise your coding skills

2. Monetise

Unlock access to high-value Quests from the coolest open source organisations.

3. Leaderboards

Trend up the leaderboards and compete against other members of the community.

see where you stand against your competitors

Powered by Magic (and ML)

Quine uses data and machine learning to match you with the best good first issues for your skills

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Our community says

"All the stats about a repo in Quine makes me very comfortable knowing I will be contributing to something in Open Source that will be worth my time"

"Looking at the product I can already say that I like it. I'm a developer and interested in contributing to open source - I can see that Quine is the front door for people like me to get into the open source world"

"I love Quine - it's important for the OSS community - a lot of developers have good projects but they are not known, this is a really good platform to increase the popularity of their projects"

"Quine looks super cool and its an awesome tool for OSS developers as this makes it easier for them to get jobs"

"WOW. Its so easy to find some open source issues very easily. It can be very helpful for the beginners who are new to open source. Devs should give it a try"

"I tried Quine and it was a unique experience, the UI was seamless. It made me excited to contribute to the open source repositories"

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