Accelerate your open source roadmap

Outsource issues in your GitHub repos by running community Quests

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Pull Requests as a Service


We crunch petabytes of OSS data to assess the fit of contributors and procure speed & quality of PRs.

Workflow friendly

Our GitHub app is highly configurable and integrates neatly with your organisation's workflows.

AI Powered

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We use LLMs to streamline codebase onboarding and documentation navigation for contributors.

Backed by leading investors and organisations

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How It Works


Set a reward for issues in your GitHub repos

Install @quest-bot on your GitHub repos and fund a Quest by commenting on the issue.
Fund the development

Receive high quality PRs from top community solvers

Quine suggests your issues to relevant solvers who have an interest in your community.
Merge the Pull Request

Reward solvers and grow your community!

As soon as the PR is merged, solvers can claim the reward and see an increase in their reputation.
Reward the contributor

Included in the box

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Managed ops and payments


Customisable narrative journeys

Github issue

Adapts to your GitHub workflow

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Stunning profiles for your org

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Community & Quest analytics


Badges for contributor recognition

Powered by magic Machine Learning

Quine uses data and machine learning to match the 
best developers to your issues

We crunch data from commits, issues, and pull-requests to semantically match developers to your issues.

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